What's goin' on

Written by Barry Warsaw in house on Fri 30 January 2009.

The porch deck is being built now and the basement plumbing is done.

We've talked more about the structural options for keeping the existing bathroom. One option is to bring a footer down through the corner of the new basement bathroom. The unfortunate thing is that this drops right onto the waste pipe, with a sleeve to protect against any future settling. This would entail tearing out more of the original cast iron.

We also learned that the basement slab falls 2" from front-to-back but nothing significant side-to-side, so this will probably be easy to level out in the new slab.

There's a conflict in the roof drawings. We noticed that the architectural drawings say to tear the back roof off, while structural says to build over the existing roof. We'll have to think about options for resolving this and work out some numbers.

One time sensitive decision coming up is the rough-in kits for the showers, and we'll need to research the water heater a bit. We're also waiting on structural for the stair support options. In the meantime, the porch will be framed out.

I had a thought about some extra porch steps leading down from the small corner jog to the Louis side. Steve said he'd think about this, but I get the sense he's not crazy about the idea. I don't think Jane is either, so I'll probably be convinced to drop it. :) Jane is also thinking about doing beadboard between the porch roof beams and the ceiling, but again, it probably won't be cost effective to do.


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