A Down Day

Written by Barry Warsaw in house on Sat 17 January 2009.

Not too much happening today. The guys were going to start framing, and though there's a big pile of wood out there, there's no sign of that happening. They did start framing out the floor for the new bay window.

Steve and I did get a chance to get inside and look around. We were actually looking for a couple of stands for the dumpster drums I'm loaning his son Graham (a good friend of my son Max and a budding Neil Peart). Well, we couldn't find the stands -- they're either in the pods or gone gone gone -- but it was good to walk around with Steve. The basement step-up was jackhammered, but we haven't yet heard the gravitational verdict, and it looks like the temporary walls were built in the basement. I suspect the basement stairs will be ripped out before we know it.

We have got to wrap the sofa bench that we left in the house. It's huge and difficult to move, but not only was it heavily dusted, we noticed that there was a McDonalds drink cup left on it by one of the workers. I'll probably head to the hardware store and do that before we get too much farther.

It was also really cool to walk around the new foundation, see the poured walls from the inside and get a sense of what the new space will be like. We had a question about the window cut outs on the Louis side of the basement since there are supposed to be three windows there, but there are only two cut outs. The third is in the interface between the old and new house, so we think they'll just carve out what they need once the back wall comes down. We'll verify that with the builder.


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