Written by Barry Warsaw in house on Tue 20 January 2009.

I just have to take a moment and say what an amazing day today was. BHO is now our 44th president and there were millions of people on the mall to witness it. Our neighbors biked down as we're only about 6 miles or so from the center of DC. Me, it was too darn cold and I had to work, but I did take a long lunch break to watch. I have nothing more profound to say than what everyone else has said, but it sure was cool.

And what's that with Cheney? Could he be any more Mr. Potter than that? George Bailey > Mr. Smith > Barack Obama anyone...?

Anyway, back to (as my wife would say) my boring house blog. Although we talked to Tom about the windows, there's no feedback on that yet, though we have a production meeting tomorrow morning. I went over to the house and it looked like the bay was framing was complete, including the roof. The one or two poor guys working out on that frigid day were putting a wood cap on the poured concrete walls of the conditioned area. Now the bolts sticking up make perfect sense, as the wood planks are literally screwed onto them nice and solid.

I didn't get into the house today, but will try to do so tomorrow.


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