Friday, February 13, 2009

Insulate? Holy Moly!

We got quotes on the roof insulation. Wow, it is not cheap and it makes the whole roof proposition an even harder hit. It's going to add $2000-$3000 onto the total cost of the roof. Tom will work up specific estimates and we'll go over these at our next production meeting.

Nothing is happening at the house.


  1. Arthur very interested in ROOF!


  2. What do you recommend for insulating a roof? We have an outbuilding with a roof with asbestos and no insulation and we want to replace it. It needs to be not too expensive! Wool is probably out of our range...

  3. It has been a good offer as the quote you describe suggests, i am also looking at good offers from insulation companies online, to make my home insulated with asbestos sheets.

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